Joe Mcquillen:
Sheri Jewel is a truly wonderful medium The first reading I had with Sheri was in June of 2017 a year and a half after my son Christopher had drowned in a Canoe accident. Although we were all sitting in a group waiting our turn, Sheri pointed to me and stated that my son was present with her and we were going now. The connection with Christopher was undeniable. The facts brought forward were concrete and often things only I would know. Including many incidents from his Childhood. I have continued to connect with Sheri sometimes formally in a reading and sometimes impromptu, and she has always hit the mark. I would recommend her fervently if you are looking to connect with someone on the other side. She has always delivered. As an author and researcher Sheri has been a part of my journey since our first encounter and I am grateful to her for extending her gift to connect my boy and me.

Joe McQuillen, Author“MY SEARCH FOR CHRISTOPHER ON THE OTHER SIDE”“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” Henry James

Joe Mcquillen, Author of "My Search For Christopher On The Other Side
Artranda Hicks:
Wow, I didn't know what to expect but I was needing a message from my dad. She was awesome. her soul is so pure. She was spot on EVERYTHING! I would defiantly recommend. She has a beautiful gift and I Look forward to my next session.
Sheri is an outstanding medium, who provides detailed evidential information. She is extremely personable and her care for each client she works with is extremely apparent. Sheri does individual readings, as well as group demonstrations that are beneficial to everyone in the room. She organized an entire mediumship demonstration to raise money for a young service dog in need of a hip replacement and raised over $2,000 with her talent, effort, dedication, and compassion for others. Everyone left the event speechless with the detailed messages she provided. She has changed lives in so many ways both through her readings and her dedication to helping others and I could not recommend her more highly. 
Sheri was genuine, empathetic and caring. I felt like I was talking to a friend on the phone. She was on point on so many things. I got the chills several times during my reading and even cried, because she was on point with what she said. She was does have a gift! Her light definitely does shine bright. I will be going back. Enough all ready, just let your spirit guide you and book your experience with Sheri. You will not be sorry. Grateful for her gift!!!
Stacey Stavas:
Sheri is the real deal. She told me things that had never been posted publically she not only proved to me that she was in fact communicating with my departed family but she released me from what haunted me for years. She confirmed questions I asked my departed family quietly in my head daily....questions I never told anyone in my physical life. she answered my questions and released me from my guilt. With her gift she released me from the burden of guilt. I can now finally live the rest of my life without the torment. If you are searching for communication with departed loved ones ....looking for answers or validation then I strongly recommend you talk to Sheri.
Anne-Renee Orjansen:
Sheri is empathetic, intuitive, accurate, and kind. Her readings have helped me navigate through difficult times in my life. She has helped me receive reassuring messages from loved ones. I highly recommend connecting with her for a reading.
Deborah Barkoff:
I’ve had sessions with several mediums who were good but Sheri Jewel was on a completely different level. Not only was she extremely accurate with many, many details but she “got” my son in a way that no one else has and had a very strong connection with him. She even texted me the next day to let me know that he had showed up again and was sending some more information on exactly what I was doing right that minute. I highly recommend her and will definitely be using her again.
Dora Moats:
Sheri is kind, compassionate and VERY easy to talk to! Her readings were extremely accurate and her ability to communicate with my loved ones brought some much needed comfort.
Paul Baldessarre:
I had a reading with Sheri ,the information she gave me was detailed and on point. She is authentic honest and caring.
Nancy Kreuter:
I met Sheri at a public reading that she did for a group. Sheri was walking around, giving short readings to random people. She asked “Who is Nancy?” I raised my hand, and she told me that I should get the books off the floor. My aunt, who passed in 2003, collected books & kept them in the basement. In boxes, ON THE FLOOR! I said I would. She repeated the order several times (Aunt H was nearly deaf by the time she died). I made an appointment to have a personal reading later. At my reading, Sheri was contacted by my parents, aunt, and uncle. She did not have any other way of knowing the things she told me. She is the real deal.
Paula Nowak:
Sheri is the REAL DEAL! Met her over 5 years ago at a healing circle and had no clue who she was. We were having a general conversation when all of the sudden, she just started to tell me things she could not have known! Spot on!!! She also mentioned something about a profound dream I had of my Father, who passed the previous year. Impossible she could have known such details! April, 2019, I brought a friend to Itasca for a mediumship gathering of about 30-40 people. The reaction and happy tears from the group further validated....she was definitely connected and receiving accurate information. The DAY BEFORE, while busy and focused at work, the music from "Star Wars" suddenly and quite persistently began playing in my head. I was confused and even a bit concerned. The very first thing she said was Starrrrr Warrrrs.????..does that resonate with anyone? ....OF COURSE!!! There's FAR too much to tell, but I now know the Star Wars incident is connected to this world wide pandemic (planned-demic....orchestration). I'm thankful for Sheri. She is an Angel and Light-Worker with awesome sense of humor!
Micah Denniston:
had a reading with Sheri today. I have no words. This was by far the most incredible 2 hours of my life. She was dead on with everything. Her god given talent is absolutely thru the roof, incredible. Like I literally was so nervous and as soon as we started talking I felt like I was sitting on the phone with my best friend, that I’ve known my entire life or something. Connecting with my loved ones was something truly out of this world. But most importantly, connecting with my daughter and very recently passed loved ones was... a blessing. 5 stars isn’t even enough to describe how incredibly powerful and wonderful this woman is! She doesn’t charge you and arm and a leg and gives you accuracy, peace, comfort, and just an overall welcoming feeling. And SHES GOT A FANTASTIC sense of humor! She is the real deal. The one and only. I cannot recommend this woman enough.

Thank you Sheri. Today was truly life changing for me... and for Ry’s father. He thanks you too! So much love!

Darin Dillinger:
I had a reading with sheri and has another Psychic medium she is the aunt amazing she gets everything down to the great details of a cat to a grandma. She also does healing which she takes her thorough time to do I highly recommend her, I will definitely be coming back to her!
Dora Oraha:
My sister and had a great experience! We recently did a reading with Sherry she was very helpful and on-point. She mentioned specific details that totally blew our mind as she was extremely accurate and validated quite a few things for us. Her gift was stronger than what we expected! She offers private readings, group readings, phone readings and psychic services as well. We highly recommend her!
My first experience with Sheri was at a mentorship session. I was amazed at the accuracy of the details spirit delivered through Sheri. I've since been to a few group readings she's done, had a private reading, and referred friends to her. She shared intimate details about my loved ones that are personal to me that no one else would know. Her authenticity and compassion, mixed with a little humor (hers and spirit) make for a powerful, loving, and healing experience.
Sheri is great as what she does. She’s raw and gets to the message. She said things that just confirmed she’s the real deal. Movement’s & expressions my mother did or would say. Just unbelievable how good she is. It was all more confirmation of what my spirit needed. I most definitely will book with her again Groupon or no Groupon. She’s just that good. A+ from me. It was super easy to book her.
She was amazing! Everything she said was spot on. I really needed a message from my dad and it was beautiful. Definitely recommend. I look forward to the next session .
I enjoyed the experience very much and have told all my friends that that they need to reach out to her for clousure and confirmation. Thank you Sherri! I’ll definitely be checking in later
Sheri was great! Easy to book with. The reading itself was amazing. On point and accurate. Definitely worth it!
She was amazing right on point with everything with connections and all
Sheri was AWESOME!