May 19, 2019: Three Points of Light.. One Destination

Mediumship demonstration by Sheri Jewel, Lillian Suarez, and Patty Horton. They will deliver messages to audience members chosen by spirit.
About this Event
We are coming together for this event to raise money for Ozzie the service dog's double hip replacement surgery. 100% of the funds raised from this event will be gifted to Ozzie for his surgery and aftercare!
Ozzie is a 3-year-old service dog, who has severe hip dysplasia. He needs this surgery as soon as possible, otherwise he will likely only have 2 years left with the degree of pain that he is in. With our help, we can give him a pain-free life, in which he will be able to continue as a service dog! Ozzie will be in attendance for the entire event!
To read Ozzie's full story, click here.
Join us for our 3 Points of Light,1 Destination mediumship demonstration.
This unique event will showcase 3 mediums from the Chicagoland Area for one amazing night of mediumship. Before the Gallery Event begins, you will also have time to sit for a private reading, or a healing to gain some guidance for yourselves. All private readings and healings are not included in the original ticket price and will be another way that this event will earn more money for Ozzie. 50/50 raffle tickets will be sold throughout the evening and the winner will be announced at the end of the evening. There will also be raffle baskets that you may win free readings & merchandise in! All funds raised from this event will go to fund Ozzie’s double hip replacement!
Medium Sheri Jewel from Chicago, Illinois, medium Lillian Suarez from Lemont, Illinois, and Medium Patty Horton from Union Illinois will do a gallery style reading for everyone in attendance. You are invited to participate in this very unique experience as these 3 mediums join together to share in the light. They invite you into their world for one evening and where each one will share their own unique style of mediumship, as they connect to those in the Spirit World.
Sheri, Lillian and Patty will share with those who sit within the gallery on this evening, messages from the other side. Messages will be given to those that spirit chooses. This will be an extraordinary evening of spirit communication as these 3 Mediums combine their light for 1 evening only. They will stand side by side and shine brightly together, yet independently of one another. This is where they will enlighten the audience from their own unique perspective.
Each of you will walk away with an experience that is sure to feed your body, mind, and soul, as spirit will touch everyone in the room on this night!
The evening will be for entertainment purposes only and readings cannot be guaranteed.
5:00-7:00 pm: Private psychic readings with Michelle Gray and others (additional charge, money from these readings are donated)
7:00-8:30 pm: Mediumship demonstration
8:30-9:00 pm: 50/50 raffle and raffle basket winners announced
*Cash and credit card accepted*
*Money given for Ozzie’s medical care is not tax deductible.